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Lifetime Purchase

Purchase once and use it forever. Get updates as we design more sections and pages. Developers love these additional templates and sections.

Save Time

Save time creating beautiful websites. We save hours with every website build. 

Designed by Developers

Our designs use images that are pulled from the media gallery rather than background images. This offers SEO and page speed benefits.
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Designed to solve my problems

I run a web design agency. I use OxyNinja as it saves me hours on end when building. The constant pain in my side was having to custom design image cards, and other sections that were lacking from the OxyNinja Design Set.  

I created the KLB Design Set to solve that problem. I now have the elements I need to design pages in half the amount of time it used to take. 

The added bonus is that my developers can build pages in a fraction of the time with much more consistency.

Whenever we find a new design that we enjoy using time and time again, we add it to this design set library.

I hope you enjoy this design set as much as I do.
Kia`i Barretto

We built this design set to fit our needs

In our website designs, we needed standard sections that we can start with and gently customize to fit the needs of our clients.  When we started to use this design set, our team's productivity increased and the internal cost of creating websites went down.

Responsive Designs

All of our designs are responsive out of the box. This means saving time building web pages and sections. 

SEO Friendly Image Cards and Galleries

We use images rather than background images. This simple change provides SEO value as images have alt tags associated with them. Image now provide on-page SEO for search engines.

Faster Page Load Times

Another key benefit of staying away from background images whenever possible is that images called from the Media Library load based on the viewport size. This means faster loading for mobile web clients.

More Designs, Happier Clients

We take the time to create beautiful designs that our clients love.  When we need a new section layout, we add it to our ever-growing Design Set Library.
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Dynamic Accordion Content

Lifetime Purchase
Purchase a lifetime license to our design sets. No monthly fees.
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Page Speed Optimized
Our design sets are optimized for fast loading times.
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Oxygen Builder Addons
We always need more design sets.
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Powerful Design Sets
Build lightning fast design sets that will please the eye.
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Mobile Friendly Designs
All our design sets are mobile friendly.
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SEO Optimized
Search Engine Optimized Designs that bring results.
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Additional Design Sets
Get more design sets for oxygen builder.
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Save Time
Save time and money while building designs that your clients will love.
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