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Our service landing page designs are based on industry leaders.  We take the best elements from landing pages across the internet, and pack their features into our process.
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Best landscaping service landing page design

Service Problem Section

This is the problem section where you list the key problems that all of your clients are dealing with.  Clients struggle with the same issues. These issues are usually time, efficiency, and cost based.

This section allows you to show your authority in the industry and lets your clients know that you understand their needs.
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Guide Section

Show that we understand the needs of the client. Here we can list out the benefits of our services. Provide a list of key features and value.

Save Time

Save time by using our services. Our designers know that your needs are they same as ours. We solve both or our problems at once.

Save Money

Purchase our lifetime subscription. Don't be bogged down by the monthly costs of doing business.

Unlimited Websites

Use our design sets on as many websites as you need. We never charge you another dime. Get the most our of your developers.

The Elements you need

Get the elements you need when designing client sites.  When we take on new projects, we add new design sets. This design set library will grow as you do.

Service Solution Section

Showcase the solutions that your services offer. Show that you understand what your clients need and why you do what you do.
More designs when you need them
SEO optimized images on all designs
Mobile Friendly designs
Consistency accross your designs
Created for developers by developers
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Kia`i Barretto
"My team is consistently producing work that wows my clients. I love the additional design sets that are continuously added."
- Kia`i Barretto
Additional Designs Sets for Oxygen Builder
"These designs have saved me hours. Now I have more design sets to choose from and modify. My projects are a breeze. Thanks."
- Devin

Explanatory Section

Explain why your services are important to you and your clients. Feel free to go into detail. This section will provide SEO and value to yiour clients.  

The KLB Design set was created to solve a few problems. Creating consistent designs, and saving time when creating client websites.  The solution was to create a design set that was used by all of my internal team. Now this design set is available to other developers.